About Us

Insidethestation.be is a website where you can check all the latest updates and discoveries in the zero-emission research station, Princess Elisabeth Antarctic Station. You may also find on this site the history and the station’s project background, from where it all began, to its life-changing purpose and its further discoveries and explorations.

You may also discover on this site the different unique features of the station, its clever way of using the region’s strong wind and sunlight as renewable energies and features that help the station minimize energy demand, the facility’s innovative and technologically advanced facilities despite being on a remote region.

Discover also the station’s way of using Smart Grid and water treatment system that is designed to use as little as possible the freshwater supply in Antarctica and treat the water by purifying and re-using it for the toilets or showers before final disposal in a safe location nearby.

Learn more and be educated of the discoveries in the polar region such as polar science, magnetic field, microbiology, and ice mass, and how our world’s problem, climate change, affects one of the most iced-affected regions on this era. The station also welcomes international scientists from Japan, Belgium, Britain, and Germany which brings more contribution in explorations and researches and enabling them to focus on their tasks and studies in Antarctica by receiving reliable logistics from these countries.

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