Importance of Research Station

Antarctica, being a remote and pristine area, known for its extreme weather, freezing cold thick glaciers and untouched wonders, the polar region has been a subject for exploration and research. However, because of the challenges of the regions weather and location, it has been also a challenge to conduct researches and further studies.


Agencies Funding Research Stations

Given these challenges a lot of scientists and researchers took risks in exploring and studying the region. Government and other private foundation and different sectors continuously building and funding polar research centers. One of these sectors is the Government of Belgium and the International Polar Station who built and founded the Princess Elisabeth Antarctic Station.

research stationSo, given the said challenges, why do different agencies take risks in funding and building such facilities? What are the benefits that they will get from it and what is the importance of exploring such remote area?

For a lot of scientists, it is important to perform research in Antarctica in order to study the health of our planet Earth. different studies like magnetic field, polar science, microbiology and many more studies are being conducted in order to further discover the wonders of our planet. Scientists also studying and observing climate change as huge glaciers appeared to be on continuous melt down, a primary effect of the global warming.

Scientists plays a big role in studying the Earth’s planet and these studies and research deserves to be funded with as it affects all of the planet’s population, trees, animals and us, humans. Maybe, our probability of survival depends on further studies of our planet that we are living in.

In order for the scientists to have accurate and effective studies, stations must be built to shelter them during the studies and provide them interior spaces where they can analyze their research, discussed and head back to their home base.

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